Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Going price for oxycotin?

I wasn't going to blog about Levi Johnston quitting his apprenticeship because he got caught violating the rule requiring him to have at least a GED diploma first. Although it is somewhat notable that Palin was griping about denying young people the right to gainful employment. I'm inclined to ask how many young people who are following the rules, are still on a waiting list and were bumped by Levi's nepotism? But it's not much of a story. I'm sure Levi benefited from both his Dad's tenure at the company and his association with the Palin family but, so what? This happens every day all across America.

However, in reading the related links at ADN, I found this stunning revelation on Levi's mom's drug case.
Trooper-supervised buys were set up by cell phone text messages and took place in Target and Fred Meyer parking lots. On each occasion, troopers charge, she got $800 for 10 pills.
Eighty dollars for one pill? Last I heard, which granted was some time ago, they were going for around ten bucks, and I thought was ridiculously expensive. Either that's a typo or Ms. Johnston is extraordinarily greedy and/or stupid. Grossly overpaying for product is a classic narco ploy that goes back decades. Should have raised a red flag immediately.

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Blogger Kevin T. Keith said...

Grossly overpaying for product is a classic narco ploy that goes back decades.

I have to say I had never heard that. Now, admittedly, I've never sold drugs, so I don't know about standards of practice in the field, but I would guess that a lot of people who are cashing in on the Oxy craze by retailing their prescriptions don't know it either. If I had an Oxycontin prescription and someone offered to buy it, I might turn them down, but not because they offered too much money.

2:17:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I've never sold them either but I've read about a lot of busts of old people who sell their scripts and the going price was about ten bucks. In any event, it sounds like Ms. J was doing it for some time and it's only common sense to be suspicious if someone offers you way above the going rate. It's got to be a cop.

3:34:00 PM  

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