Wednesday, January 03, 2007

WaPo wails - Democrats unfair

Well the WaPo editorial staff picked their steno pads this morning and dutifully delivered this hit piece on the incoming Congress. Like any good co-dependent spouse, they just can't seem to stop making excuses for their boy in the White House and his posse in Congress.

Oh the humanity. The Democrats are going to take the first four weeks out of the 104 we have until 08 to pass some legislation without giving the Republicans equal opportunity time to screw it up and stall it with partisan tactics. Oh the horror. The Dems will give the GOPers a taste of their own medicine and use the rules they enacted while they were in power, to keep them out of the loop for a couple of weeks. The WaPo is just wringing it's hands in grief over this betrayal of Beltway ethics.
Democrats say that they'll adhere to their previous promises once their first flurry of business is finished. We look forward to that. But if they don't reconsider, they will set an unfortunate precedent that fairness will be offered on sufferance, when the majority finds it convenient, and not as a matter of principle. That would not be a good start for the 110th Congress.

Yeah, those paragons of principle, the GOP, just raised the bar so high in the last four years on fairness.

Maybe the WaPo editors were so exhausted from carrying all that White House water they didn't notice that the precedent was set in 95 and solidfied in 02 by the GOP. And what do you want to bet that the minute the Democratic Party thwarts the White House in its grand plan to destroy the last tattered remains of our Constitution and starts pushing its own agenda on behalf of the people, the WaPo eds will be painting that as partisan politics. Someone should tell them the whitewash is wearing a little thin these days.
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