Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bush begs for bipartisanship

This would be funny as a satire but I think Bush actually wants us to take this opinion piece seriously. Putting aside how obvious it is that he didn't actually write it himself, the short version is: Dear Dems. Either you go along with my agenda or we're going to whine and paint you all as demagogues intend on playing partisan politics. (As opposed to the team player approach of his former rubberstamp Congress I guess.)

Taking a closer look at this giggle provoking piece, one can only think he published it in print because, who could deliver these lines with a straight face?
We've proved it can be done: When our nation was attacked, Republicans and Democrats came together to pass the Patriot Act and reform our intelligence agencies. When our economy was struggling, we worked together to pass tax relief that has helped our economy grow, create jobs, and raise the standard of living for the American people...
Who does he think he's fooling? Apparently Bush still doesn't grasp that pushing the same old propaganda is not working anymore. The Patriot Act was railroaded through at time of national fear and confusion. The intelligence reforms have been ignored at best and at worst have been turned against us and used to harass innocent citizens. And how many Americans could still be left that believe the enormous tax cuts the GOP pushed through for the wealthy have improved the working class American's standard of living?

But Bush gets even sillier in pushing the biggest wish on his list, couching it in terms of reining in earmarks.
But we can and should do more. It's time Congress give the president a line-item veto. And today I will announce my own proposal to end this dead-of-the-night process and substantially cut the earmarks passed each year.
WTF does he need line item veto power for anyway except to further fuel his delusions of invulnerability? He doesn't use his veto power. He sneaks in signing statements behind our backs to negate legislation passed by the legislators, who at least marginally represent the people, and if that doesn't work, he just claims unilateral privilege and does whatever the hell he wants to anyway.

And this bit is a real sidesplitter.

If the Congress chooses to pass bills that are simply political statements, they will have chosen stalemate. If a different approach is taken, the next two years can be fruitful ones for our nation. We can show the American people that Republicans and Democrats can come together to find ways to help make America a more secure, prosperous and hopeful society. And we will show our enemies that the open debate they believe is a fatal weakness is the great strength that has allowed democracies to flourish and succeed.
Um - excuse me Mr. Bush but our enemies haven't seen any open debate under your watch. Your party has had the last four years to govern in a bi-partisan fashion and they literally rewrote the rule book to keep the opposition party on the sidelines. Now you're calling for cooperation? And you really have to love his happy ending here.
To the new members of the 110th Congress, I offer my welcome--and my congratulations. The American people have entrusted us with public office at a momentous time for our nation.
As I wipe the tears from my eyes, I have to ask, what's with this "us" shit? We kicked your posse out cowboy. Bush closes with this plea.
Let them say of these next two years: We used our time well.
Yes Mr. President, let us do that. Let history show the people didn't misplace their trust in the Democratic Party to bring democratic rule back to our government and exact accountability from our leaders.
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