Saturday, January 06, 2007

New intelligence czar specializes in domestic survelliance

The more I find out about our new Intelligence Czar, the less I like him. John Michael McConnell, former director of the lead arm of domestic eavesdropping, the National Security Agency, good buddies with newly installed Pentagon chief Bob Gates and Michael Hayden, new director of the CIA, and John Poindexter, the Iran-contra figure who started the controversial "Total Information Awareness" program at the Pentagon in 2002, doesn't strike me as a choice meant to increase our national security against terrorists.

Not to mention, McConnell was also instrumental in winning contracts worth $63 million for the TIA "data-mining" program for Booz Allen Hamilton, where he has been a senior vice president for more than ten years. TIA is of course officially defunct but we now know that it was disbanded in name only. Every day brings new revelations of the dataming of innocent Americans personal information.

Send me the tin foil if you must, but when I total the connections, it adds up to a giant leap towards the new Police State of America.
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