Saturday, June 11, 2005

What's a progressive to do?

I have a feeling I'll regret stepping into this, but PennyWit posts on this little imbroglio that strikes a chord. It seems Kos has some kind of blogad for some stupid reality show that offended the feminists at Democratic Underground.

Bill of InDC rallies the Patriarchal Defense Team while Kos remains defiant although he did apologize for painting his critics with too broad a brush.

Guess I'm joining the Women's PDT auxiliary. Kos was right. Calling to remove the ad is no different than the "moral censorship" being practiced by religious extremists. I didn't bother to click it myself, but the description sounds like a promo clip I saw on television. It's stupid, maybe even sexist, but no more so than an thousand other little media memes currently in public circulation. It exists because there is a legal market for it.

Kos is also right in saying there are more important issues to address. Sorry D.U.ers, I'm usually down with the sisters but it does more harm than good to pick a fight over the inconsequential when our energies could be so much better spent on bigger problems. It trivializes the whole feminist movement and (wrongly) gives the impression that all feminists are self-absorbed extremists obsessed with PC minutiae.

We need to be fighting for more speech, not less. What do you say we spend our anger on, for instance, media consolidation or the ongoing and vigorous assault by the Fundie extremists on a woman's right to choose?
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Anonymous pennywit said...

Thank you for joining the Auxiliary. Please bring salad to the Patriarchy Defense Headquarters. ;)

12:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, too BROAD a brush. Heh, sorry, I'm an immature dork.

But yes, I agree with you 100%. I never read Kos' comment to mean feminist issues don't matter. Just that there are more important things for feminists to worry about than sexy blog ads. Such as domestic violence, FGM, rape, murder, unemployment, disappearing abortion rights and... well... just about everything else in the world.

11:53:00 AM  

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