Saturday, June 11, 2005

Simple legislation is best

I've been pushing for simplified language in governance since the early 70s when my first ever LTE was published in the Hartford Courant on political platforms. Since then the situation has only deteriorated to the point where even our legislators don't read the laws they're passing. They don't show up for the debate because they've already made their back room deals on the outcome. (Flip on CSPAN right now for proof of that). No one has a clue, even those who sneak in last minute provisions, as to what they're actually wreaking on the public with their votes.

They are certain of the political implications for their own careers however. It's not lawmaking, it's horse trading and it's time to stop it. Enter, Downsize DC who has proposed the "Read the Bills Act of 2005," an Act that would compel our representatives to read every piece of legislation - out loud - on the floor, before it's passed. An entirely sensible proposition that already has an impressive list of sponsors.

Get involved. They have an action center where you can send a letter to your representatives. Here's what I sent.

Our legislative process has become too complicated. It's essential for the preservation of our system of government to simplify the process, so ordinary Americans can follow the progress of pending legislation and became engaged in the process as the framers of our constitution intended.

Towards that end, I strongly urge you to support this bill.

Save democracy as we know it. Send a letter too.
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