Saturday, June 11, 2005

By the numbers

I'm not a big believer in polling but these numbers are hard to ignore. The thing is if anybody inside the DC beltway was doing their job, the polls wouldn't look this dismal.

Neither party escapes the embarrassment. The Dems have been pathetic about taking advantage of the public temperment, now receptive to change, in order to restore some semblance of a two party system to our government. They appear to be too afraid of Limbaugh and Fox News to actually stand up for an alternate position.

And I know Dean likes to think he's trying, but all that foot-in-the-mouth strident screeching is not helping. The Dems would be better off following Conyer's lead. He seems the only career man that hasn't lost his hearing when it comes to his constituents.

Update: PennyWit has the last 1000 words on Dean.
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Anonymous pennywit said...

I'm just curious ... where do I have the last 1,000 words on Dean? You linked to my site in general ...


12:41:00 AM  
Anonymous pennywit said...

Thanks for the link/clarification. I should note that the cartoon you linked to is actually by Larry Wright, and I subscribe to his toons (among others) through the Cagle cartoon syndicate. The page to which you linked will update with a different cartoon when the artist submits a new one to the syndicate; it's an auto-updating page.


12:24:00 PM  

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