Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How can bloggers who are so consistently wrong call themselves the Right?

I don't link to Media Matters enough but let me make up for that this morning by linking to Eric Boehlert's excellent takedown of the PJ Media echo chamber. He notes well that the Screech Team laughably holds itself up as a media watchdog and pompously pretend to be citizen journalists when their true agenda is to simply undermine any media that destroys the ill-placed credibility they enjoyed in their brief Dan Rather heyday and further exposes the paucity of their arguments in support of the hapless Bush administration.

Eric points us to Glenn Greewnwald's partial list of PJ faux pas, the most recent being:*
they suffered a complete humiliation on their Jamil Hussein "scandal"

* they are forced to retract their John Kerry "dining alone" story in Iraq

* there is a possible, pending humiliation over its Michael Ledeen "scoop" about the death of the Iranian leader
Tipping point bloggers my foot. More like tipsy bloggers still drunk on their one moment of glory.
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