Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Romney's parade of cons

Didn't think I would watch the whole video but it was as compelling as a car wreck on the highway. You don't really want to look, but you kind of can't help yourself. I was particularly struck by the little girl at about the three minute mark. At first it looked like she saw the cardboard Obama cutout and smiled at it. Then she hear the grownups talking bad about our President and her demeanor changed...

On a vaguely related note, betting these grim, self-satisfied blowhards are probably all as bad tippers as Mitt Romney.
The GOP hopeful had “two carnitas bowls with guacamole — which is an extra charge,” said Arps.

Skipping a beverage, the pol’s total was $18.25. Romney pulled out a $20 spot and left the $1.75 change in the tip jar.
That's one thing you learn in the restaurant industry. As a general rule, the richer the patron, the more demanding they are of extra special service and the cheaper they are about the tip. They just to hate to part with "their" money for any reason.

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Blogger Richard Stanford said...

In all fairness, that's not an uncommon tip amount for a counter-service restaurant. 10% for self-seating, self-bussing isn't far off. Yes, he could have been more generous (and probably should have been knowing that he's being watched and judged), but I wouldn't call that stingy.

5:37:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

For one thing, that's less than 10% Richard. For another, he could afford to leave 20%. That's what I do because I can spare an extra buck and I've worked in the service industry. Hell, I would have left at least three bucks because I know how hard these kids work for low wages and people at that level of the service industry are often stiffed altogether. I also know how good it feels when somebody unexpectedly leaves you a really good tip. If I was really flush I would have left a five, just to make their day.

I imagine he did it because he didn't have anything else smaller than a 20 in his pocket. And he never even considers those variables. These aren't people to him, they're just props for his photo op. And it's telling about his level of concern for "us people" and about his ability to think ahead and anticipate what's needed in a situation. He knows he going to be doing these stops, so he should make a point to have small bills. If he threw a five in, he'd look like a hero. Now he just looks like a cheap jerk.

7:24:00 PM  
Blogger Mule Breath said...

#1 Libby is correct that the more highfalutin the patron the more miserly the tip, especially in self-service situations. It seems that the low-rents are far more compassionate to the kids that work these places.

#2 When combined with the evangelical mindset of the religious right, the staff is actually lucky that some kind of religious tract wasn't stuffed into that jar instead of those few pennies. Some college kids I know who work in one of the local cut & paste joints tell me that one particular such group has become infamous by their demanding, superior attitudes and haranguing of the waitstaff followed by a pamphlet on the table in lieu of a tip.

#3 I'd wager that an aide slipped Romney that $20 so he could be videoed paying the bill. It is very likely that he doesn't even carry cash. He has people for that.

8:15:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I've seen pull cash out of his wallet but doesn't carry small bills. I vaguely recall one incident from the 08 elections when he was frantically digging looking for a small bill that made the news because he made him look so cheap and petty.

12:01:00 PM  

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