Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Romney serves up more word salad

Can't decide whether this is more sad or funny. Definitely qualifies for Romney's quote of the day:
Romney finished his interview with this insightful tidbit about his contempt for the 47%, “I don’t think it’s ever productive for someone like me to get into the details of how the campaign is going to cobble together the details of how someone like me is going to win an election. So when I’m talking politics and the dynamics of bringing in the number of votes I’m going to need, why, I’m talking about something that isn’t of interest to most folks.”
Let's not forget he's been practicing to sound more human for weeks now.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder whether he's deliberately throwing this race. I mean, sure he has a personality defect, but he's not stupid. He has to know how awful that sounds. And Buzz Feed did a splash piece this afternoon telling us how normal he is when he's hanging at the back of the plane with the guys and gals of the press. Hard to draw any other conclusion other than he really does not want to win.

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