Monday, October 01, 2012

Paul Ryan seeks cash at the ATM of politics

Over the weekend, Paul Ryan held a few fundraisers in the big money enclaves of Connecticut where the rich Republicans talk like Tea Partiers:
Ryan was introduced by Howard Morgan, a member of the event's host committee from Darien, who is president of Branford Chain, a New York City-based marketer and distributor of marine equipment. Like many of the Romney's wealthy Fairfield County fundraising bundlers, Morgan has a background in private equity.

"The vice president is a reflection of Mitt Romney's judgment and, God, his judgment is great," Morgan said. [...] "When it comes to the individual, I know no one like Paul Ryan, who trusts individualism over collectivism, who knows that the American people are going to take back this country and make it great again," Morgan said.
And by great he means, Rmoney/Ryan will increase their tax breaks and re-open the capitalist casino on Wall Street so they can all make tons of money again without being bothered by those pesky regulations which get in the way of gaming the markets. Plus, good old zombie blue eyes will wrench those deadbeat working poor off the government teat and make them suffer for their bad choice to be born without white privilege advantage.

Interestingly, the Romney campaign didn't release any fundraising totals. Rumor has it the big money is drying up. That could explain the relatively cheap price tag for this one, with tickets running $1k - $10k. At that bargain rate, Ryan only gave a ten minute speech. The "guest list was said to include New York Jets owner Woody Johnson" who told the press at a different event a Romney/Ryan is more important to him than having his own team win. I'm told with the way his sports team is deteriorating, he's likely to lose on both counts.

Addendum: Forgot I had a photo of a small but determined group of protesters outside the fundraiser. Also many photos at the link.

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