Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Mitt Romney: Living tragedy

This is quite possibly the saddest statement ever made about Mitt Romney:
In debate prep, Romney has practiced coming across as personable...
One month out from election day and they're still trying to make the Rombot seem more human. And how is that supposed to work you ask?
During prep sessions in Vermont this past month, Romney has worked tirelessly on the stylistic aspect of his presentation, and Romney’s advisers predict that the former Massachusetts governor will come across as both presidential and empathetic. Rather than fire off brusque retorts, as he often did during primary debates, Romney will take care “to speak in paragraphs about the economy,” a second aide says.
Add that to the "zingers" the Mittster has been rumored to be practicing and this will either be the most hilarious or the most pathetic performance in the history of presidential debates. Being blessed (or cursed) with an overabundance of empathy myself, I'm not sure I'll be to watch the whole thing. [photo via]

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