Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A better response from Obama

By Libby

Leaving aside whether Obama is really adopting centrist positions or not, he seems to finding his own center again and gave a good presser in Atlanta today.
“I am someone who is no doubt progressive,” he said, adding that he believes in universal health care and that government has a strong role to play in overseeing financial institutions and cracking down on abuses in bankruptcies and the like.
For myself, I've never really considered him much of a progressive but then again, the only real progressive we have on Capitol Hill is Dennis Kucinich and look where he is. You really can't be be a true progressive and rise very far in politics. It's a big country and barely left is as far as a candidate can go in search of the White House, even in this changing political climate. Still, outside of his reversal on FISA, I think Obama can honestly claim a progressive mantle, particularly in comparison to McCain's paleolithic conservatism.

In any event, I'm glad to see Barack is speaking more in his own voice again. The last couple weeks weren't troubling so much for what he was saying, as how he was saying it. His rhetoric sounded alarmingly canned by consultants. This sort of language on Iraq is much more clear and authentic.
“We have to be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in,” Obama said. “You’ve got to be sure our troops are safe, you have to be sure the country doesn’t collapse.”
“When I hear John McCain saying we can’t surrender, we can’t wave the white flag,” Obama said, “no one is talking about surrender.”

But, he added to loud applause, “don’t be confused: I will bring the Iraq war to a close when I am president of the United States of America.”
Much better. He's taking charge of the narrative with clear unambiguous language. Dare I say, it gives me hope.
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OpenID expatbrian said...

just an excellently and professionally worded post, Libby. You summed it up perfectly. I too, have been concerned that Obama was slipping into the typical and predictable rhetoric of a centrist politician during a campaign, and to some degree I even expect that. But centrist views did not get him where he is right now and while I don't fault him for seeking out the left leaning conservatives, or trying to appeal to the faithful, I also want to see him stick to the base values that have turned him from a no name new guy into the candidate who says Yes We Can.

I'm not there, I don't have to live with the results, indeed I will never live there again, but you all do and you damn well deserve someone who is committed to saving your sinking country. I hope, for your sake, Obama is the guy.

8:07:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks Brian. Oh we really can do is hope he'll do a good job although it's hard to see how he could do worse than our current preznit.

12:08:00 PM  
OpenID expatbrian said...

No, he can't and won't do worse. It would take a stretch of the imagination to think of anyone who would. Only one name comes to mind and thats McCain. He could actually be worse than Bush.

But I have to say, in a way I hope McCain wins because it is about time for Americans to learn their lesson. And that is that bullying other nations, using your exceptional power with an I'll-show-you attitude, and enriching the wealthy at the expense of the masses, is a formula for anarchy and defeat, not prosperity.

8:41:00 PM  

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