Friday, July 13, 2007

Peggy! Darling. You're late!

By Libby

Peggy Noonan's latest column has been rather well received. Most people are welcoming her aboard the unrose-colored reality train, but I'm not so inclined to take her apparent defection from the Bush Adoration Society at face value. I can't forget her fawning adoration for our Feckless Leader right up until the moment it became clear he's unlikely to recover an approval rating into the 30s.

It's not that I don't welcome her help. She may be an insufferable blowhard but she's an influential one and it's not to taken lightly when she spews her contempt for her former hero. But her mea culpas don't feel so very authentic. Even as she sort of admits her misplaced loyalty -- oh wait, she doesn't actually admit she was wrong... Even as she betrays her cherished leader, her pomposity rankles.
I'm not referring to what used to be called Bush Derangement Syndrome. That phrase suggested that to passionately dislike the president was to be somewhat unhinged. No one thinks that anymore.

Funny, but last I looked, the phrase was still in common use and not everybody is willing to give it up. But now that she, the oh so serious and important pundit, is dissing Bush, it's not deranged anymore? I wonder, are those who still use the phrase now destined to become the new unserious critics in Peggy's world?

I hate to be an ingrate but Peggy is inexcusably late to the party and I can't help but think if Bush's numbers went up again, she would turn around and jump back on the White House guest list in a New York minute.

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Blogger ChenZhen said...

I think BDS should be used to describe those who unconditionally support the guy.

9:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Michael Linn Jones said...

Ms. Noonan is finally seeing President Bush in the same way a lot of others have for some time. That is, a president strolling buck naked down Main St., smiling as his subjects admire his new clothes.

Better late than never, but I find her use of the word "weird" extraordinary. Bush has been that way for years and I don't understand how someone of Peggy Noonan's intellectual gifts could not have seen this long ago.

If more like her had spoken out long ago who knows how many buffoonaries could have been avoided?

11:10:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

The last one to leave a sinking ship may be a hero, but the last one to figure out he's been robbed, abused, sold out and raped is just an idiot.

This isn't a real defection, I agree. It's a doublethink exercise to assert that "sure you figured it out a decade ago and I smeared and vilified and slandered you for it, but now I've figured it out, but you're still a delusional and unpatriotic fool and I'm still going to trash you for it."

10:29:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Chenzhen - I made a new name for that - Irrational Bush Support.

Michael - she of all people was in a position to see the truth and she not only ignored it, she spread false memes about his competency. As you point out, she's not stupid so I can only surmise she sold out to be on the "winning team." Now that the team is losing, she wants to jump over to other side. I question her sincerity.

Fogg - as usual, you voice my thoughts more eloquently than I can myself.

10:35:00 AM  

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