Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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By Libby

I'm having a crazy day and haven't been able to blog and it's going to be long day besides, so I'm cranky as all get out. I hope to hell the electricity is back on at my place so at least I can spend tonight at home. It's not that it's not comfortable here. It's really much nicer than my own place, but it always throws me off when I wake up somewhere else and have to work. My mind is conditioned to treat strange sleeping quarters as vacation domiciles. But enough whining. I have about ten minutes to throw together a post, so it's down to the old quick cuts.

Eugene Robinson asks who they think they're fooling? Money graf.
Gonzales had an op-ed Sunday in The Post that included this positively breathtaking claim: The attorney general of the United States writes that "to my knowledge, I did not make decisions about who should or should not be asked to resign."

To his knowledge? What on earth does that mean? Is Gonzales in the habit of making decisions without his own knowledge? Does he have multiple-personality issues?

After reading Glenn's post, I have this to say.
Dear major media pundits and other talking head stenographers. Please stop speaking for us "American people." If you're going to float stupid pre-packaged talking points at least take your own damn credit for your words and stop pretending you know what the hell the rest of us think.

Catching the same train of thought, Scott Lemieux of LG&M catches a bit of related insta-hackery. That one speaks for itself.

Another one bites the dust. Pretty soon there won't be anyone left willing to call themselves a Republican.

In fact, is America's entire political system headed for a sea change?

Oh and about that housing market, is there Trouble in Squanderville?
The real problem is that the media obfuscates information that conflicts with the interests of management or their constituents. Their main goal is to promote consumer spending regardless of its effects on the nation's economy. In this case, they managed to hide an $11 trillion economy-busting bubble and nudge us ever-closer towards catastrophe. That takes a pretty talented public relations team. In fact, we've probably underestimated how powerful and persuasive the corporate propaganda-system really is.
Some of us haven't. I've been saying this stuff for years myself. Meanwhile, I have to go back to work. If the world doesn't implode in the next 24 hours, I still have to pay the bills.

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