Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dear Dems - get a clue

Via Avedon, Walter Shapiro at Salon offers some advice to the Democratic Party that's worth sitting through the Lexus ad to read. It's really the same advice I'm been giving them but Walter articulates it more elegantly and of course, there's a much greater chance that the DNC is reading him. Best quote at the end of the article.
But politics sooner or later becomes a test of character and not merely a paint-by-numbers exercise in low-risk electioneering. These are key weeks for the Democrats to decide whether they believe in anything other than polls and the frail hope that the Republicans will self-destruct.
Fool's hope that. They should fire the consultants, unsubscribe to the pollsters and hire a bunch of observers to sit in the local VFW bars and listen to what real people are saying, which is basically -- get a backbone or get out of the way.
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