Thursday, January 19, 2006

Help wanted

I keep dicking around with this template. There's something wrong with it and I can't figure out what the hell it is. The page doesn't load right. It should keep scrolling past the links but it doesn't so if I post too much, you won't even see it. I obviously screwed something up along the way but damned if I can figure out what. I've been checking it against the source code for other blogs who use the same template and it looks the same. All I changed in the body were the colors for the headers and the links. It's got to be in the sidebar I guess. I can fix it by changing the template but then I'll lose all my links and have to redo the whole stupid thing. I think it might be the sitemeter. Maybe I'll try changing to a different style counter.

What I really need is a computer geek to take pity on me and fix it. Maybe I should advertise on Craig's List...
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