Thursday, October 08, 2009

Politico Fail

It doesn't quite sink yesterday's scoop, that I understand ran in the Wall St. Journal among other places, about Bo the First Dog taking a poop in the president's airplane, but today's Drudge bait at the Politico comes close to being dumbest story of the week. It seems that a few celebrities who signed a petition to free Roman Polanski, also donated to Obama's campaign. DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse sums it up well:
“It’s a silly story that’s just meant to try to generate a sensational headline and a lot of clicks,” he continued. “It’s really unfortunate that it was written, period. But also, we were blindsided by it. They didn’t contact us. We raised $750 million, and they found that $34,000 of it that was raised by people who know Roman Polanski.”
But that's not all. Adam Serwer catches a major factual mistake, so Politico wins for most fail in a single day. Really, if Politico wants to do some pearl clutching over syntax, you might think a *serious* news outlet, might at least try to get the basic definitions straight.

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