Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Media bytes - Stand by Me Edition

Song in my head. This is a very cool mash-up. I love that they used street musicians to make it. Meanwhile, I'm having a weird day. I'm not feeling well but I have a bunch of links worth reading so I'm doing the linkfest first to clear out the items I don't have a lot to say about.

The Franken - Coleman recount just became really more interesting. Coleman may end up wishing he had just conceded.

More solution based proposals for the stimulus bill. Much more. I particularly like Robert Kuttner's suggestions.

Following up on my earlier post about the wingnut's gift to citizen journalism, TIDOS Yankee admits it's just a publicity stunt to drum up attention for PJ Media. He sounds just a tad jealous that Joe got the gig he would have loved to have himself. I can't bring myself to link to it, but if you must read it, heretik has the ultimate photoshop as always and a link at the bottom of his post. And if you're interested in Joe and his future running mate Sarah, Hart has the ultimate review of America's newest fun family -- The Idiots.

Speaking of imbeciles, not that anyone needs reminding, but Arlen Spector proves he's an idiot.

Picture freedom. The perfect symbol for the end of the occupation of the White House, bringing our long national nightmare to a close.

These photos made me want to throw a shoe at my monitor. I will not be missing that smirk.

Speaking of the outgoing Smirker in Chief, they had to pad the audience with interns to get a full room for his final press conference.

And lastly, I wouldn't normally link to Lex but I've always loved the looks of this little airplane. I don't know why they call it the fork tailed doctor killer but I doubt it's a good thing. Still a beautiful plane though. I wouldn't turn down a ride if given a chance.

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