Thursday, November 06, 2008

More campaign post-mortems.

The Caucus has a good roundup of links on the post-election buzz. They tell us McCain is feeling good about losing.
On the day after the election, Senator McCain was surrounded by friends, who indicated the defeated Republican senator was in high spirits and ready to get back to work in Washington.
They also report on Sarah's homecoming. It will be her last trip on the campaign plane and on the taxpayers dime for SS protection.
Standing on the icy tarmac on a subfreezing night, Ms. Palin said she had learned much about America in her time on the campaign trail with Senator John McCain. She also said she looked forward to getting back to her day job.
In fact she "thanked God" she still had her job as governor.

They also link to a silly screed by Rove, that I'm not going to link to on general prinicple. However, this one remark stands out.
We can't be precise, because for the third election in a row the exit polls were trash. The raw numbers forecast an 18-point Obama win, news organizations who underwrote the poll arbitrarily dialed it down to a 10-point Obama edge, and the actual margin was six.
I want to revisit that point later. Although Obama won, I still think the election results were skewed and the wholesale efforts to invalidate exit polling over the last three cycles only convinces me that it's a real problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

On a related note, Nate looks at the odd juxtaposition between the polling vs election results in Alaska. I don't know what kind of voting methods they use there but there were enough anomalies in this election all over the country to cause alarm in anyone who cares about a verified vote.

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A friend of mine said that, Playboy offered here a huge sum of money to pose for the January Edition.

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Interesting. It might be true.

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