Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time to get rid of Tweety the Twit

By Libby

I can't think of much that would improve the sorry state of our elite media more than ridding it of some of the most egregious talking twits like Chris Matthews. The TV punditry has entirely too much influence on the debate but we're never going to see that diminish unless we start complaining loudly and often. I just shot this letter off to the Twitness and his employer.

I'm sick to death of Chris Matthews' mocking misogyny and moronic musings being peddled by your station as an pathetic excuse for political analysis. His adolescent adulation of powerful men, leering remarks about women, and his inane focus on trivial gossip is an insult to intelligent persons of any gender. He is an embarrassment, not only to your station but to journalism in general and should be removed from the airwaves. Your viewers deserve much better.

I will no longer to tuning into MSNBC as long as Mr. Matthews remains in your employ. If I ever feel the need for this sort of smirking, pandering to the lowest common denominator type of coverage, I can go to Fox News. In the interim, you'll find me on the internet perusing the foreign media, who still seem to remember that journalism and the tabloid press are mutually exclusive.
You can get the email addresses here to voice your own complaints, or feel free to steal mine. Meanwhile, if you need further inspiration to trigger your outrage, Cliff has the illustrated version of Tweety's twittery to raise your dander.

Update: If Cliff's YouTube didn't inspire you enough, C&L has Tweety live defending his indefensible demagoguery.

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