Monday, September 03, 2007

Excess Hoggage

By Libby

I'm off today so I've been posting all over. I'm sure you've heard, (since Fogg told you), about Bush's surprise visit to Anbar today. I covered that this morning at Newshoggers in a post that has attracted loads of derision from the wingers.

Meanwhile as Bush was coming, the British troops were withdrawing from Basra. I have more at the link but this quote from Bush is worth spreading around.
The president stopped at a small building where a Marine Cobra pilot briefed him about the positives and negatives of current troop rotations. He told the president that troops were not getting enough time at home and did not have enough time for training.

"Morale?" asked Bush. "How's morale?"

"Very high sir," the pilot, Captain Lee Hemming, said.
And if that doesn't say it all, the early video truly speaks volumes.

Oh, and if you're wondering what's up with the graphic, that's the latest in Muslim fashion, the burqini.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are alot of out of shape women who could get one of those with no objection from me, despite the militant islamic connotation.

12:39:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL Lester. That crossed my mind too. It couldn't fail to improve the view on some of the beaches around here.

2:36:00 PM  

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