Friday, August 10, 2007

Russian Bear On The Prowl

Yesterday we were once again allowed to stroll down memory lane to the good old days of the Cold War.
Russian bombers are reported to have buzzed an American military base for the first time since the Cold War when they flew over the Pacific island of Guam.
Moscow said that US fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the two Tupolev-95 warplanes as they resumed the Cold War era practice of flying over Western offshore military installations in a mission on Wednesday.
The U.S. Fleet commander disputed the claim.

Today the American fleet commander in the Pacific poured cold water on the claims, however, insisting the Russian bombers never got within 300 miles of Guam.
"US planes went to an orbit point in preparation for an intercept that never occurred because the Bears didn't get close enough," said Admiral Robert F. Willard, employing a slang term for the Russian planes.

Doesn't this sound just like the good old days when we seemed to know who the enemy was and we had leaders who knew how to use diplomacy and alliances to defeat them?

We now have a government who has taken it's eye off of the ball, fighting criminals that are just gangs of terrorists. Our own president has given them standing as an organization equivalent to any of our other enemies or rivals who happen to be countries with populations in the hundreds of millions if not billions.

The Russians are down, but not out, but the Chinese are up and coming on strong. We should not forget that these people are our enemies as Mr. Putin keeps reminding us and that the Chinese have never denied. If they don't poison us with their exports, they may try some other more overt way.

Of course, the Russian news is kind of funny when you lump it with their planting of a Russian flag on the bottom of the ocean at the North Pole. When you think about it, the real risk would be from their old planes crashing into one of our bases and I wonder if the sub that planted the flag got back to the surface. Their subs go down great, it's the coming back up that seems to cause problems.

Jim Martin

Thanks to Stubborn Facts for the link.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't consider putin or CHina to be my enemy. They succesfully moved from communism to capitalism, which is what we wanted all through the cold war. we wanted them to compete with us and they are. and Putin has weathered the damage of the berozsky and the kleptocrats who robbed the country blind post USSR.

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