Saturday, August 11, 2007

Media bytes - Ho' edition

By Libby

I've been doodling around for hours today, reading non-political blogs and generally avoiding blogging. I just can't seem to get inspired. I think my muse went on vacation with the rest of the Beltway, but while I'm searching the hot spots for her, here's some media bytes for your amusement.

I think this was the funniest of the lot. Colbert has The Word on words. You must watch the video to get the joke.

Daily Show takes a look inside the lost -- and lost -- department.

I liked this one. I almost voted for this guy when he ran against William Weld for governor of Massachusetts. He's looking pretty to good to me as a presidential candidate at the moment. I hear he's doing well in Iowa today.

Irredeemable putz David Brooks reveals that Republicans hate Bush just as much as Democrats do. As Nicole points out, what really pisses me off about that is they're still willing to underwrite the most destructive presidency in the history of the republic in order to save face for their party. And they call progressives partisan?

And finally, I wasn't going to post on this and I'm not giving you a link to the video. If you're feeling especially masochistic, TRex has it, but I recommend you don't bother watching. I already wasted the 9 minutes on Althouse's latest pathetic preening and not even her relentless pre-occupation with her own alcoholism can save this vid. If you feel you must view if for yourself though, word up. After the first 30 seconds, all she does is repeat the same four sentences and gestures. To compare the vapidity of her "work" to paint drying would be an insult to wet paint, which is infinitely more interesting.

But the text of the posts gave me a chuckle or two. When I read this:
And apparently, I give him "all-over creepy shivers, like someone just dumped a bag of live spiders over my naked thighs." I'm picturing chubby, pasty white thighs.

My first thought was she could probably avoid that by wearing slacks when she blogs.

The vlog is of her eating an egg salad sandwich which she implies represents testicles and not her repressed latent lesbianism. She repeats several times that she's doing it for the $200 her fans paid her. At least we found out how cheap her going rate is for whoring. Frankly, I think she's still way overpriced.


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