Saturday, August 11, 2007

God Help Us

A so-called mega-church in Arlington, Texas canceled the funeral service for a navy veteran after the church learned that he was gay. The service was called off the day before the service.
Officials at the nondenominational High Point Church knew that Cecil Howard Sinclair was gay when they offered to host his service, said his sister, Kathleen Wright. But after his obituary listed his life partner as one of his survivors, she said, it was called off.

“It’s a slap in the face. It’s like, ’Oh, we’re sorry he died, but he’s gay so we can’t help you,”’ she said Friday.

I guess it came down to the fact that homosexuality is a sin and everyone else in the church was as pure as the driven snow.
Church Pastor Gary Simons said the church believes homosexuality is a sin, and it would have appeared to endorse that lifestyle if the service had been held there.

“We did decline to host the service — not based on hatred, not based on discrimination, but based on principle,” Simons told The Associated Press. “Had we known it on the day they first spoke about it — yes, we would have declined then. It’s not that we didn’t love the family.”

Principle? If the member had been having sex with the Pastor's wife or daughter would that have been alright? What if he was a murderer or a pederast? The one thing I have never seen a "good Christian" have is principle. He might be a big blowhard bragging about his salvation, but the only thing they can't get past is queers and liberals. What a crock of horseshit.
The 5,000-member High Point Church was founded in 2000 by Simons and his wife, April, whose brother is Joel Osteen, well-known pastor of the 38,000-member Lakewood Church in Houston. Now High Point meets in a 432,000-square-foot facility in Arlington, near Dallas.

Wright said relatives declined the church’s offer to hold the service at a community center because they felt it was an inappropriate venue. It ultimately was held at a funeral home, but the cancellation still lingered in some minds, she said.

It should linger in some minds for it just goes to show what passes for Christianity today, for where else should sinners be welcomed but in a church.

They meet in a 432,000 square foot facility? For crying out loud. If there is anything that makes you think of Jesus it would have to be some obscenely large and ugly building where people can continue to give money to line the pockets and egos of truly hate filled people.

I always thought of myself as a Christian, at least culturally, but these people give Christianity a bad name.

Jim Martin


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I maintain a deep spiritual relationship with God as I know Him, it is things like this that keep me turned off from organized religion. When the husband and I decide each year which charities to support, we usually end up giving to the local food bank/soup kitchen, a local ministry that helps those in need with medicines, bills, etc regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof and the Salvation Army. These are the people that understand the greatest commandments like, love on another and take care of my flock.

3:25:00 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

Jesus Wept!

4:57:00 AM  
Blogger Zumos Financial Services said...

Jesus loved everyone, he did not discriminate! How hypocritical for this church to turn away services for a gay man!

4:47:00 PM  

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