Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stealing liberally

By Libby

Avedon has a treasure trove of links today that are just too good not to shamelessly steal and pass on. A few choice quotes to tempt you into clicking over.

On informed voting.

"Note to America: Next time you feel like voting for the guy you'd rather drink beer with, do us all a favor and write in the name of the guy you actually drink beer with." ~Freeway Blogger

More on The Mission.
"Slop Will Eat Itself" - Two days later, I am still awed by the simple perfection of Jim Henley's conclusion in this post: "But you've got to love the idea of "force protection" as a main mission. The US military could stay in Iraq for the purpose of trying to keep its members from being killed for being in Iraq. There's a stirring cause. I know a much more effective "force protection" plan, which I call "get the hell out." This is what they're down to: inertia. The "bipartisan" compromise the Ignatiuses of the world envision is that we stay in Iraq so that we can stay in Iraq. Because if we pulled out of Iraq, well, we wouldn't be there any more." ~Jim Henley.

On bootstrapping America.
America is the greatest entrepreneurial nation in the world. But there are really two kinds of entrepreneurs here - product entrepreneurs and financial entrepreneurs -and only one of them truly builds the economy. Product entrepreneurs find new ways of satisfying customers. Financial entrepreneurs find new ways of ... well, making money off money. ~Robert Reich

Avedon didn't know Bob had a blog. I've known for a long time and I really should have him on the blogroll. I think I'll do that right now. He's a politician I can claim some intimate knowledge of, and he's the only one I've ever worked for that I considered truly honorable. If Unity08 would tap him for their ticket, I could get a whole lot more enthusiatic about their project.

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Blogger unitybroth said...

Libby, thanks for mentioning Unity08. In the near future, we'll launch the ability to create a draft petition for a candidate that you feel will serve the country well. Be on the lookout for it.

Bob Roth
VP Online Marketing

3:30:00 PM  

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