Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Digby uncloaks

Knock me over with a feather. Digby is a woman. I read her all the time and I never really thought about it, but Digby just sounded kind of like a man's name so I assumed she was a guy. Apparently she's never appeared in public before, but she gave the acceptance speech for an award at the progressive's convention in DC this week and it was a knockout. Well worth the 13 minutes of time to listen to in full.

FDL has the video and Glenn Greenwald has the money excerpt where she defines who us "fringe bloggers" really are. Glenn expands on the theme and offers more insights on just how mainstream positions came to painted as fringe left in the first place by the truly fringe lunatics on the right, while they simultaneously managed to position themselves as the center.

You have to give them credit for long term planning on that one. It didn't happen overnight. It was the result of a diligent adherence to a disciplined message throughout the ranks and a methodical takeover of the media outlets by the leaders that was so subtle, we didn't realize the real danger until it was almost too late. If not for the power of our collective voice on the internet, they may have pulled off Rove's 100 year majority. As it is, we got stuck with eight years of Bush Jr.

Meanwhile, my partner at Newshoggers, Shamanic also adds to the discussion, further defining progressive liberals with a spot on post that sums up many of my thoughts on the subject. Both she and Digby nail it. We're good Americans, who contribute to our communities. We care about our families and our neighbors and we love our country enough to try to save it.

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