Sunday, December 10, 2006

War - who is it good for....

It's time for my semi-regular Sunday videos and I have a couple that form an interesting jutxaposition today.

Jesus General picks up the American Aristocracy theme and gives us a look at the real patriots ofThe Fighting First Family.

In contrast, this milblogger offers If the World Only Knew. As if we could forget. I get pissed off at the implication that you can't be anti-war and care about the soldiers. Videos like this just bring tears to my eyes. I'm well aware of the thousands of good men who do their best to engage the Iraqi people, particularly the children, with candy and kindness.

But I watch this video and wonder how many of those pictured, soldiers and residents alike, will be killed in a hail of crossfire or blown up by an IED or a suicide bomber? And always, I'm left with question, what purpose is being served?
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