Friday, October 05, 2012

Conservatives crack up over unemployment drop

As I said earlier, there was a half-way decent jobs report this morning. Job growth was revised up to a fairly respectable number and more significantly, unemployment claims dropped to a four year low. So the cons went into a major meltdown. They just can't believe after all their hard work at sabotaging the economy, that damn lazy blah POTUS refuses to fail.

With former GE CEO (and apparently senile) Jack Welch leading the pack, the internets are swarming with distraught cons darkly muttering about the damned convenience of an emerging gleam of hope of real recovery on the horizon only five fking weeks before the election. It's a betrayal of everything they stand for dammit.

It would be funnier except this isn't confined to the usual fringes of Wingtopian fabulists. Major voices of the very serious people of respectable right (and their lapdogs in the media) are howling on the hilltops. Last I saw on the twitter even Steve Forbes is yowling with the hounds, sniffing around for signs of perfidy. Makes you wonder if their head really will "literally" explode if Romney loses. Who's going to clean up that mess?

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