Monday, December 06, 2010

Why don't Dems pass their own damn tax cuts?

Ezra answers a question I've been wondering about, that being, "Why aren't the Democrats using reconciliation to pass the tax cuts?" The answer is damn depressing.
1) They already used it: ...You can only use reconciliation once a year, so that's that.

2) They passed a rule making it impossible to use reconciliation for bills that increase the deficit: ...This provided Democrats with precisely no protection against the charge that they loved deficits, and it'll likely be changed back as soon as Republicans retake the Senate, but for now, a rule's a rule.
In other words, the GOPers outplayed the Democrats -- again. If they listened to the dirty hippies that -- you know -- voted for them and worked like hell to get them elected, the Dems could avoid these embarrassments. Assuming they actually want to avoid them, and maybe, win a test of wits once in a while. Which increasingly becomes an difficult assumption to make...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...soon as Republicans retake the Senate..."

Are you making a prediction for 2012? Last time I checked, the Democrats still controlled the Senate.

And just like with the health care bill, underhanded and down right dishonesty is the only way Democrats know how to operate (reconciliation). You belong to a group (extreme liberals) who represent less than 20% of the population and you propose to shove everything they can down our throats, regardless of popular support. Keep up that mentality and the Democrats will be out of control for a long time.

I guess the "dirty old hippy" will really freak out when they rescind the health care bill. Pay your own medical expenses. I have a family to worry about and you (thankfully) are not a member of it.

2:16:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

From which orifice did you extract that 20% figure and by what standards is Libby an extremist?

You're making it up as you go along and please stop trying to shove your far right tea party sludge down anyone's throat.

5:47:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

As I said before, the concept of linking doesn't register with this one. And one can't fail to notice our oh so brave anon is too chickenshit to even use his DetNews nym here. Think I know who it is, but hard to say for sure. So many sockpuppets over there, they start to look alike after a while.

6:03:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I have to wonder if he was ever aware that the President was elected in large measure because about three quarters of the country were fed up with the kind of private death panel system Republicans advocate? How many Americans identify themselves as Republicans -- 28% -- so if there's any shoving going on here. . .

But he thinks they're going to "rescind" it and go back to the world's most abusive system. Wait until he loses his loser job and see what he thinks then.

They can only argue this way by re-defining what left means to include what used to mean everything from centrist to center-right. Cheezewhiz - I mean the real left thinks Obama is a conservative, corporatist tool for watering down his health care plan. so either D-Troit here has his head up Glenn Beck or he's hysterical. The last thing he is, is informed. Do you really think he has a clue about how the reform bill works or what it says? Don' hold your breath waiting for him to tell you why his opinion matters more than an ally cat's.

Anyway, I hope the Tea-vermin do try to do away with Social Security and medicare and veterans' benefits and public schools and public libraries and thus commit suicide sooner than later. The sooner the better.

6:57:00 PM  

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