Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bipartisan Compromise

Hard week to support the Democratic party. Yesterday was the big White House bipartisan lovefest. President Obama emerged from the meeting to announce a new spirit of compromise and good faith negotiations. Today via a letter signed by all 42 Senate GOPers, McConnell smugly announced GOP is taking the Senate hostage. They will block all legislation until they get their tax cuts for the wealthy. At which point, they will find some other cockamamie reason to prevent the business of the Senate from going forward. Unless of course, they're rubberstamping the GOP wish list.

So what's next for the White House, I wonder? Maybe Obama could announce they've reached a bi-partisan agreement to repeal health care reform and forget about reforming the financial industry. Or maybe they could agree to pre-pardon all foreclosure fraud? Privatize Social Security? I mean, the possibilities of this new spirit of bi-partisan negotiation are endless.

Meanwhile, the Dow soars today. Experts attribute it to a good jobs report, 92K created, biggest gain in three years, and other postive economic indicators, but as Atrios pointed out on twitter, market always seems to react happily to news that rich people are going to get more free money.

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