Friday, June 22, 2007

Well Deserved Poll Numbers

Taylor Marsh has a great post up about the horrendous approval rating for congress and the dems and she blames it on the democrats for not keeping the faith on Iraq.
Voters put Democrats in office for many reasons in 2006, but the primary reason was to bring about a change of course on Iraq. That means every vote must go to that end. When it doesn't it breaks faith with what the voters put you in office to do. Again, that doesn't mean Democrats will win the day at first, because, again, we don't have the numbers. But at least our leaders can stand up and say Democrats all voted against the supplemental, keeping the promise of the 2006 election. Anything less is not good enough and the American people sense it and are disgusted.
This is just about right. For Jack Murtha and Harry Reid and Jim Webb to talk big and then vote for the supplemental to continue this atrocity is just too much.

The argument that we must support the troops just doesn't hold up. If they really wanted to support the troops they would get them the hell out of there. Sen Carl Levin's bogus claim that that Feingold-Reid would cut troop funding was a case in point of why Americans are fed up with the democrats.

This is from Sen. Russ Feingold:

"I'm pleased that Senator Levin and Senator Jack Reed have finally come to the conclusion that a timetable for redeployment with a hard deadline is what we need to safely redeploy our troops from Iraq," Feingold said."But I'm disappointed that Senator Levin chose to announce his shift by disingenuously suggesting that the Feingold-Reid plan would somehow cut funding for troops in harm's way. Senator Levin knows full well that the plan I introduced with Majority Leader Harry Reid, and which was supported by a majority of Senate Democrats, would end funding for the war in Iraq only after our brave troops have been safely redeployed out of Iraq. It is time for Senator Levin and Senator Jack Reed to drop their opposition to the Feingold-Reid plan to safely redeploy our troops by March 31, 2008, and then end funding for the mistake in Iraq."

The low approval ratings for the democrats is well deserved since they show themselves to be afraid to stand for what the people want and what they were elected to do.

"Supporting the troops" is the phrase the democrats are afraid of, but I don't know why. The republicans lay claim to great patriotic devotion to and caring for our military when just the opposite is true. They have used and abused them before, during and after their service in Iraq. Low pay, cutting benefits, extended open ended tours of duty, and then substandard care of seriously wounded veterans and endless red tape when they finally get back to this country.

Keep up the good work democrats, you're certainly continuing the republican's record of supporting the troops.

Jim Martin

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Anonymous lester said...

normally congressional deadlock is a good thing. But iraq and immigratin are issues people actually care about. liberals don't care about immigration, conservatives don't care about the war. they shuold just go halvsies and move on.

1:30:00 PM  

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