Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Hot Air About the Climate

It certainly is fun to watch the right-wing blogosphere get all giddy with excitement when a report comes out stating that the danger this century from climate change is not warming but cooling. This is from the National Post of Canada by Timothy Patterson.
In the sediment, diatom and fish-scale records, we also see longer period cycles, all correlating closely with other well-known regular solar variations. In particular, we see marine productivity cycles that match well with the sun's 75-90-year "Gleissberg Cycle," the 200-500-year "Suess Cycle" and the 1,100-1,500-year "Bond Cycle." The strength of these cycles is seen to vary over time, fading in and out over the millennia. The variation in the sun's brightness over these longer cycles may be many times greater in magnitude than that measured over the short Schwabe cycle and so are seen to impact marine productivity even more significantly.

Our finding of a direct correlation between variations in the brightness of the sun and earthly climate indicators (called "proxies") is not unique. Hundreds of other studies, using proxies from tree rings in Russia's Kola Peninsula to water levels of the Nile, show exactly the same thing: The sun appears to drive climate change.
Now this is all interesting and you need to read the whole article. At one point this scientist gets into quite a bit speculation and does not take into account the CO2 levels and volcano activity, but I don't really care to do scientific speculation when I don't know enough about it.

What's really interesting is that to the right-wing it's about politics and not about the climate. These wingnuts just love to jump on Al Gore. They get all smug and even one prominent blogger is already saying "I toldja so".

The weather and the climate are two different things.

The preponderance of deep thought on the right is, "My feet are cold, Al Gore is stupid."

It must be great to be so smug in the face of so much contradictory evidence.

Jim Martin

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Blogger Sir Oolius said...

They live in an alternate reality where conjecture that they like is accepted blindly as long as Drudge likes it too, whereas mounds of scientific evidence are regarded sceptically.

My favorite is when mcq is called out on it and his response is "see, the science isn't settled after all!"

9:44:00 AM  
Blogger Jim Martin said...

I don't think science is ever settled but there is a preponderance of evidence.
It's easier and lazier to just be opposed to something that there is to make an informed decision.
Thanks for commenting

9:52:00 AM  
Anonymous lester said...

the right is concerned that the left belives in global warming because it results from, basically, capitalism. If there was no global warming, the lbierals would have to invent it!

I don't understand science really at all, but I'm definately on the skeptic side. It just seems like an excuse to get the government involved in more stuff and make everything harder. we had the industrial revolution in this country. there were greedy corporations, polluted cities, child labor. and it built this country.

4:03:00 PM  
Blogger Jim Martin said...

Something is going on and it comes down to the question of can we do anything about it.
I don't think we have the ability and I'm positive we don't have the will.

4:36:00 PM  
Anonymous lester said...

I'm not convinced.

1:35:00 PM  

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