Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Just Don't Like Bush

There has been some discussion the last couple of days about my search for moderate republicans in the congress. It has forced a bit of self-reflection on my part. Although I am a liberal to the core, I have always been a social liberal, a fiscal moderate and very much to the right when it comes to security and the war on terrorists. Why did I take a sharp turn to the left? I don't really think I did. I think Bush and the republicans went to the right so far I can no longer even see the middle of the road.

George Bush has to take the blame for the direction this nation has gone since 2000. He has divided this country along party lines for the purpose of political gain.

I don't like George Bush. Nothing about him. It bothers me a lot. I was born when Truman was president, yep, I'm that old. I have found something to like or admire about every president, until this George Bush. I absolutely despise him and for a long time I really didn't know why and then I realized it was simple, he wasn't likeable.

He's not very bright, he's not very nice, he's not very honest and he seems to be totally inept. He chooses people to serve our government not because they are smart and competent, he chooses them because they are loyal to him in spite of his shortcomings.

It made me question my own judgment. You have all of these elected officials, congressmen and senators who do everything he wants them to do. Of course, he allowed them to raid the treasury and spend untold billions on pork-barrel products, but still, they toe the Bush line.

Could I be right and all of those people be wrong?

Remember this, Bush is a divider, not a uniter. Everything he does is to gain political advantage. He has politicized 9-11, the war on terror(remember the color coded threat level that you saw so much of before Nov. 2004 and haven't seen since?), the war in Iraq, everything. He has allowed the U.S. government to spy on it's own citizens, he has condoned and authorized torture. He has wrapped himself in the flag and accused anyone who disagrees with him of aiding the enemy. He is beneath contempt.

Now, has any person in his own party, with the possible exception of Chuck Hagel, called him to task? Has anyone said to him, "enough sir, you have gone too far"?
The short answer is no, they have not.

I go back to my question, could I be right and all of these republicans be wrong?
I believe I am.

I think this explains my feelings fairly well. Although it is somewhat over the top, it's honest. As long as George Bush is president I will not be moderate. It just isn't possible. Until this man is gone, this nation will stay divided. The damage he has done will take years to repair.

I'm going to stop this search for moderate republicans in the U.S. government, they aren't there today. If they are there tomorrow, you'll hear it from me.

Jim M

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Anonymous lester said...

have you seen "Journeys with George"? MSNBC showed it a while ago. it's really something else. It is a documentary by alexandra pelosi taken on the 2000 campaign trail shen she was part of the press corps covering his campaign. It's really something else. He is like a gigalo, or a performance artist or something. he has them eating out of his hand.

1:44:00 PM  
Blogger Jim M said...

I've been trying to figure it out for years. I liked Reagan, didn't admire him, though. Liked Nixon. Really liked George I.
I even thought the inept Carter was a good man.
Whatever charms George the Lesser possesses, they are lost on me.

2:02:00 PM  

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