Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Righties on the run from Reid

By Libby

I wrote this a couple of days ago but didn't post it because I thought it might be a little over the top. But then Greg Sargent asked the same question I was asking myself that night.
Has anybody else noticed that every day brings palpably more wild-eyed and unhinged attacks from the folks who either are in favor of the war or the folks who are for some reason instinctually opposed to the Dems' aggressive antiwar stance?
Yeah, I've noticed. I come from a long line of women of some clairvoyance. Me, I'm not so prone to visions. I'm more an empath so it's painful for me to watch the remaining Bush loyalists flounder for responses to counter the irrefutable reality on the ground in Iraq. By that I mean, I look at Broder and Kristol and I'll admit my first thought is -- why are these people being paid money to spout such nonsenical tripe? But my second thought is how awful it must be to have hitched your wagon to a collapsing star. I can feel their panic as their vainglorious predictions get sucked into the black hole of increasingly undeniable reality.

Simply put, the warmongering wingnuts have been wrong about everything. So what's a wrong right-winger to do? Why, blame the Democrats of course. Their terror of the truth becomes more apparent every day. Cheney has gone into full attack mode and DeLay crawls out of the woodwork to call Reid's honest assessment of the war, treason. Steve Benen dispatches DeLay with great finesse so let's look at another loyalist who perhaps best exemplifies the wingers malaise.

It's excruitiating to read the aptly named Hot Air. Bryan reached for every worn out smear a couple of days ago, from the Democrats' inattendance to Petraeus to Pelosi's successful talks with Syria but this quote from Insty sums up their paucity of their arguments.
The goal, I think, is to ensure that the war is seen as a failure, but to make sure that Democrats don’t get blamed.

[Bryan responds with] Yup. And that’s called “abdication.”

I might ask why the hell the Democrats should take the blame for a war they didn't start, and a president who screwed up its execution by ignoring all sane advice. But Bryan argues that now that the Democrats are in power, the occupation and its aftermath are their responsibility. But his complaints rest on the fact that the Dems are taking action to solve the problems Bush created and wrest the decision making process out of the sole hands of a president run amok. Just witnessing that level of cognitive dissonance makes my head want to explode. I can hardly bear to imagine what it must be like to have to live with it full time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Republicans lost a lot of credibility - but Senator Reid showed that he doesn't have a clue, himself.

You need to get past the "oh no, another bomb went off killing hundreds" and look at stuff like this -,1,916707.column

There's a lot of stuff going on over here. And the anti-al Qaeda movement amongst Sunnis is beginning to gain some real momentum.

8:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And for the record -

I knew the Republicans were full of it two years ago, when I was in Iraq and heard all the problems we were having with training the Iraqis. And I'm back in Iraq today, and I know that the Democrats are full of it, too.

Wish they'd both quit playing politics and get a frigging clue. Luckily, that 'thumping' at the mid-terms seems to have forced the current administration to make some changes. You may not see them in the news, but I see the effects over here.

8:10:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Anon - I assume by your comment you are in the military so first of all thank you for your service to our country.

Secondly, I'd agree that generally both the Dems and the Repubs are full of shit but with due respect to your experience in the field, I wonder if one can be too close to any aspect of the occupation and thus lose sight of the big picture.

I read Max Boot's piece and frankly I don't find it all that encouraging that we spent so much time and treasure and the lives of our troops to secure one farookin street that will likely collapse into chaos again the minute we leave. I'm not so sure that 2 -4 attacks a day is a desired outcome. A wondrous acheivement for the troops yes - but as a long term goal what does it really mean? People are still dying and new violence is likely to spring up at any time. In fact it does in other areas. Are you of the mind that we should stay in occupation for decades to keep the peace for another sovereign nation? And even if that answer is yes, do you think we have the manpower to secure the whole country? I don't see it.

The trouble with the signs of progress, is none of them indicate a resolution of the long term issues as far as I can see. It's like we put a finger in the dike but it keeps springing new leaks and no one thought to bring some cement to do the long term repairs.

In any event, thanks for checking in and I'm sending my thoughts for your safety.

9:39:00 AM  
Anonymous lester said...

"There's a lot of stuff going on over here. And the anti-al Qaeda movement amongst Sunnis is beginning to gain some real momentum."

nope. got anything else?

as far as max boot, he's a neo con. he's a liar. I'm not the slightest bit intersted in anything he has to say. in fact, has there ever been a sadder bunch than dick cheney, tom delay, bill kristol and max boot? there's not one positive thing worth noting in the entirety of those mens careers.

delay was against bosnia. that's all i got for the whole crew as far as actual conservatism.

and he more than cancelled that out by voting for the "worst legistlation in history" aka the drug bill.

2:44:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Well said Lester.

10:05:00 AM  

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