Monday, April 23, 2007

Read My Lips

George Bush The Elder declared today that Americans are suffering from "Bush Fatigue".

Mitt Romney, another right-wing candidate for president stated that Jeb Bush would be the frontrunner if he had a different last name.

"There's something to that -- there might be a little Bush fatigue now,"formerPresident Bush told CNN's Larry King
In November of 1992 we had "Bush Fatigue". In December of 2000 right after the election debacle we had worked up to Bush chronic fatigue syndrome. We are now up to what would have to be a Bush persistent vegetative state.

It's gotten so bad I had to change the brand of canned baked beans I eat. My wife and I were out at Home Depot and she found a plant she liked. It turned out to be a bush. I bought a tree.

Bush fatigue? You betcha.
Jim M


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Anonymous lester said...

I still eat those beans. as faras i know there is no relation

12:51:00 PM  

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