Monday, October 16, 2006

Desperate times bring desperate measures

Quote of the day goes to Dick Polman who catches Fred Barnes in a moment of angst.
He thinks this situation is very unfair, of course, since he considers the Democrats to be “obstructionist, anti-tax-cut, soft on terrorism, and generally obnoxious.” Not to mention “wimpy.” Nevertheless, he doesn’t foresee any scenario that would help the GOP keep the House…although he does say this: “There's little time left for a major event to occur. The North Korean bomb test wasn't big enough to change the course of the campaign.”

He's hoping for a "major event?" What’s he rooting for, anyway - a bigger nuke? a horrific terrorist attack? Whether he intended to imply that or not, at the very least he was signaling the current state of conservative desperation.
This is what is keeping me awake at night. The calendar nothwithstanding, Bush, or should I say Rove, has three weeks to come up with a really big October surprise and I hate to imagine what that could be in their hour of desperation.
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