Saturday, March 11, 2006

Invent a better headline...

I've been plagued with a relentless sense of deja-vu lately. I have this overwhelming sense of, didn't I read this before, when I peruse the news. That may be because -- they keep recycling the same headlines for the same tired White House strategies. Take this from the WaPo for example, Bush Goes on Offensive To Explain War Strategy -- Speeches to Combat Public Pessimism. Yes, it's true, the White House is launching yet another public relations offensive, and offensive is right word because I'm offended by this insult to my intelligence. Bush, joined by Cheney and Rice, will be spending our tax dollars criss-crossing the country on speaking tours, trying to turn the pig's ear of the Iraq occupation into the silk purse of a noble cause.

Let's guess what they're going to tell us. The Iraq army is training quite nicely to take care of themselves. ( Please ignore the downgrading of combat ready battalions.) That the terrorists hate freedom and want to force us out. (As if it's not in their best interests to taunt us into staying. They're looking like winners here so far.) That we have to stay the course so that the almost 20,000 soldiers who already died or have been permanently injured won't have died and fried for nothing? (As if another 10,000 ruined soldiers will give some meaning to a failed strategy?) That our brave troops are making progress by clearing out insurgents from the towns. (Never mind that the only way to maintain control of an area is with a permanent military presence.) The only true word that will escape Team Bush's lips is that our troops are indeed brave. They have to be to face that horror everyday, knowing their tours may be extended more than once.

But back to my deja-vu problem. I think it would be less acute if the media would change their headlines once in a while, so let's help the WaPo out and write a new one for this item. I suggest, Bush Pimps Well Practiced Propaganda on the Public Dime - Again -- Seeks to Overcome Reality with Rhetoric.

Got any better suggestions?
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Blogger thepoetryman said...

"Bush Pimps Well Practiced Propaganda on the Public Dime - Again -- Seeks to Overcome Reality with Rhetoric."

Hoooooo Aggghhhhh!

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