Monday, October 10, 2005

GOP in trouble?

I'm superstitious so I don't like to make predictions for fear of jinxing them but this gives me some hope we can break the GOP stranglehold on the government in 06. It appears that Republicans only want to run if they're pretty sure they can win. According to the WaPo today, candidates are getting hard to come by for 06 and my useless Senator, Liz Dole, is not having a lot of success in recruiting viable contenders.

Some of the party faithful shrug off the current GOP malaise as a passing trend and it's true that a lot can happen in a year. However considering the White House's crash course for disaster doesn't appear to veering off into common sense or fiscal responsibility, one might think the electorate will be no less surly after paying their heating bills this winter and watching the death toll mount as Iraq sinks further into a civil war once the sham constitutional elections are over, just to name to top two obstacles.

Whether the Dems can capitalize on this and gain an stronger foothold remains to be seen, but if they don't snap to it and start offering an opposition platform, I'd be willing to bet that third party candidates will enjoy unprecendented showings at the polls.

If you don't believe me, check out this straw poll in the Alabama governor's race. Libertarian candidate Loretta Nall is leading the pack, showing double the support for Roy Moore.
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