Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An apology to Cindy Sheehan's husband

That's what I get for relying a MSM source. I jumped the gun on this post chastising him for the timing of the divorce filing.

Having just read Cindy's post at Huff Post, it turns out the divorce has been in the works for months and he had no control over this pro-forma filing. In fact, he behaved quite decently and asked that Cindy not be served while she was in Texas.

I take back my intemperate remarks and offer a sincere apology for having jumped to conclusions based on a misleading MSNBC account.
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Blogger Steven M. Couch said...

In fairness to you, your reaction was understandable. It is a little troubling that Mr. Sheehan did not know ahead of time that the record would be public. Maybe it's me, but that is perhaps something his attorney could have flagged for him given the extensive coverage of the protest, especially if there was some latitude in the filing's timing (which there may or may not have been, I don't know). Providing her with a heads-up that this might come to light during the protest might have helped to quench the fire before it started.

All the same, the divorce process is sad for both of them, especially considering how long they were together. I understand that marriages frequently dissolve as a consequence of losing a child and the resulting strain placed on the relationship.

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