Friday, February 10, 2012

Come on baby light my fire

I really want to stop talking about this, but damn if they don't keep fueling my favorite conspiracy theory. Nobody is going all in on it. Hell, I'm not either, probably for different reasons, but here's Real Clear Politics talking about the path to a brokered GOP convention and only moments ago, I find dark dreams of Chris Christie.

Think what you will, but this much I know to be true. The base is fractured and hates their choices. All the polling, at all the primaries, are showing a depressed turnout. Nate tells me they've cycled through 11 frontrunners so far and nobody has ignited them for long. Even Erik son of Erik is now wishing for annihilation by a fireball from the sky rather than have to rally around any of the current candidates.

A brokered convention is their only hope. Nothing fires up the wingnut wurlitzer like a new hero. At least for a couple of months. Which coincides nicely with the election calendar if a dark horse rides in at the nick of time.

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