Monday, December 19, 2011

A conspiracy of a different hue

Speculation abounds. Jeb Bush popped up with an op-ed that looks suspiciously like a trial balloon for a possible platform if he should make a late entry into the GOP 2012 freak show. Steve M. dispatches the op-ed so read him instead of giving Murdock the traffic if you care what Jeb has to say. But the point is, Jeb is surfacing in strange places which is fueling its own conspiracy theories about Jeb's possible late entry into the 2012 race.

Of course, I still believe there's a fairly good possibility that someone will be drafted this summer to unite the ABO GOPers, but my money is still on Christie. While Jeb surely has the name recognition, I'm not so sure even the diehard 27%ers are ready to push another Bush into office. Besides, Jeb is kind of bland. Even sort of cerebral. If that was going to work with the rank and file, Huntsman would be the frontrunner.

If it happens, and granted it's still a rather big if, it has to be Christie. He's the only one who can really deliver the bombast that delights the diehards.

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