Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dems deck the halls with bows of folly

Since I left the business of law, I pretty much save my profanity for special ocassions. This would be one of them. So this is for the hapless sad sacks that populate what was once a political party I was proud to claim.
Dear President Obama and DC Dems: Fk you. No seriously, Just fk you, each and every one of you merry gentlemen and gentlewomen. Why the hell do you think we should fight for you, if you don't fight for us?
I was going to write up my disgust, but while I was getting ready for my big dinner date this evening, my new blogging hero beat me to it. So outsourcing my rage to Charles P. Pierce's eloquence:
Oh, they have made a day of it. First, the pillars of Jell-O in the Senate roll over on the itty-bitty surtax they wanted to lay on the plutocrats to pay for a payroll tax cut for the rest of us. Then, the president announces that he's not going to veto after all the bill in which 400 years of Western jurisprudence is pretty much torn to ribbons and tossed to the wind, albeit slightly less deeply into the wind than the original monstrosity would have liked. And, finally, Ron Wyden of Oregon steps forward to give cover to zombie-eyed granny-starver Paul Ryan's latest attempt to "reform" Medicare in the same way that Arthur (Bomber) Harris "reformed" the building codes in Dresden. It's a Very Special Holiday Episode of the long-running hit comedy, Ah, Who Gives a Fk Anyway? [...]

It cannot be emphasized enough. Of the three issues under discussion, the polling data on two of them simply could not be clearer. The American people want taxes raised on the very wealthiest among us, and the American people do not want Paul Ryan's clammy hands anywhere near the Medicare program. Public opinion is (distressingly) ambivalent on the detainee provisions, but it's not overly popular with the people who have to implement it, and it has retired Marine generals throwing bricks at it, and, dammit, the president taught constitutional law, or so we are told repeatedly. [...]

Here's a tip, gang: The American people are not angry at government because people yell at each other and nothing ever gets done. The American people are angry because people yell at each other and nothing the American people really want ever gets done. They want higher taxes on billionnaires. They want Medicare kept out of the hands of the vandals. If they think about it a little, they even like their jurisprudence with a little habeas corpus sprinkled on top. Instead, they get endless platitudes, and the steady, futile placating of an insatiable political opposition.
That's just the highlights. Definitely read it all to experience the full range of my anger.

It's not even that I didn't expect it. It's not like we haven't seen this movie before. But I had some small hope they would rewrite the script. Certainly they were trying out some new dialogue in the rehearsals for the last few months that promised this time there would be vetos. There would be an honest to God fight for equitable outcomes. But, no. As the saying goes, same shit, different day.

It's insulting. Do they really think we don't see what they're doing? That we won't remember by November? We won't forget. We remember every single betrayal. So far, like a battered spouse, we've accepted the proffered bouquets offered in contrition. Accepted the promises to change. To do it better next time. But there's a limit to how many promises can be broken.

I've been around a long time. I understand the need for pragmatic compromise. But this isn't compromise, it's the same devious cave-in to placate the plutocrats. It's not only spineless, it's stupid. I'm really sick of stupid.

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