Saturday, December 03, 2011

Cain puts campaign into suspended animation

He left them guessing to the very end, what with the party thrown at what would have been his Atlanta HQ prior to the announcement. But as expected, Cain suspended his campaign this afternoon with a very longwinded speech.

Note I said suspended, and not withdrawn from the race. This leaves him free to re-enter again should his fortunes change, which seems unlikely. It also allows him to qualify for federal funds to defray his campaign debts, which he will no doubt be taking. Not sure whether he gets to keep his Secret Service detail, but he certainly appeared to be relishing the photo op as he glad-handed his fans while surrounded by his agents who cast a baleful eye on the crowd.

Neither is Cain going to quietly relinquish the spotlight if he can help it. He vowed to "keep fighting from the outside" via his brand new website. Translate that as, he hopes the rubes will keep sending him money. Expect he'll be hanging onto that big bus of his as well. Heck, he has to get to those book signings somehow.

Addendum: Did I mention, Cain threatened to endorse someone who will surely not be Mitt Romney.

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