Thursday, December 01, 2011

Don't say Capitalism

GOP spin doctor Frank Luntz gave a speech to the Republican Governor's Association recently. He confessed he's "frightened to death" of the Occupy movement, so he's rewriting the propaganda to better fool the rubes.

Mainly this involves subtly changing the narrative. Capitalism is out, to be replaced with "either 'economic freedom' or 'free market.'" No more "entrepreneurs" and "innovators." Now they're "small business owners" and "job creators." Don't say the "government 'taxes the rich.'" Tell them it "takes from the rich." Don't ever admit the elite of the ownership class are getting bonuses. It's "pay for performance."

Also, forget about pretending you're protecting "the middle class." Not even the dumbest rube believes that anymore. Call them "hardworking taxpayers." And Good Lord, never use the word sacrifice. That pisses the rubes off. But above all else, always, always, blame the government.

Luntz was advising Republican governors here, but I'd bet he's been coaching well beyond just the gubernatorial crowd. Read any statement coming from the high profile GOPers and you'll see this phrasing is already in common use.

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