Friday, December 02, 2011

Newt flowers, Mitt glowers, Christie bides his time - Updated

I know you all probably think my predicting Christie is going to be the 2012 contender is edging into wacky conspiracy theory, but I'm sticking with it, for now. Nothing I've seen yet convinces me it's an impossible thing. For instance, let's review yesterday's events.

Newt is convinced he's the chosen one. Riding on the crest of his poll numbers, he can already feel the throb of Air Force One under his feet.

Mitt is falling apart. The internets are blowing up with video of his hissy fits. Romney sputters with disgust that he's losing to a grotesque grifter who was once banished from the Beltway in utter disgrace. It's just not fair after he spent the better part of a decade carefully creating a campaign as polished as his impeccable hair.

But Newt's strength is with the elderly people, whose clouded memories obscure his past sins. And, of course, his ability to raise "Amens" from the base with his evangelical embrace of their current deceits, delivered with the apparent authenticity of a true believer. The time grows short, and damn if he doesn't stand a chance of winning this thing. So, if my theory is to hold true, what's to be done?

Oh look. Chris Christie roars into the room, bellowing in righteous indignation that this inept charlatan is hoodwinking the rubes. Is it a test of the gasbag governor's influence? I don't know, but if it works to keep the race close, then my theory still holds.

Of course, I could be wrong. Hell, I want to be wrong. Nothing would make me happier than to have the Gingrich carry the flag into 2012. All I'm saying is, I could be right, so it wouldn't hurt to keep that oppo file on Christie handy, just in case.

Update: No, this doesn't change my mind. If Newt wins, it will be because of his appeal to the base. What the insider power GOPers think of him won't diminish that. May even have the opposite effect. They hate the DC insiders almost as much as they hate liberals.

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