Wednesday, November 30, 2011

9-9-9, We’re doing fine - Updated

Been pretty much off-line for a couple of days, so just catching up on Herman Cain's latest imbroglio. Apparently 9-9-9 may be the code for how many sexual conquests he's had, or attempted to have, outside of his marriage. Word is, Cain is reassessing his candidacy. Which isn't the same as thinking about dropping out.

The latest revelation certainly is further increasing his name recognition. Dying down a bit this morning, but Cain was winning the news cycle last night. Good for book sales, but this one may damage his brand. His latest accuser has some rather damning proof of numerous texts and whatnot, which leaves him soaking in devious denials. The base can excuse sexual harassment, hell they don't believe it exists. But lying about the affair apparently is the hill where they will abandon him.

He should have admitted the affair and asked for forgiveness from God Almighty. Base loves repentance. As this Kos diarist notes, "they're finally ditching sexual predator and wife-cheater Herman Cain to flock to their next savior: sexual predator and wife-cheater Newt Gingrich." Difference is, of course, Newt pleaded for absolution.

Frankly, I don't care about the party in Cain's pants. Not so different from any high powered player in politics or business. But it leaves me wondering why this parade of women came forward. Certainly not the work of any Dem operatives. A Cain candidacy in 2012 would be the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. And I don't think the women are doing it for money. So why subject themselves to the media circus?

I'm wondering if it was the GOP power brokers who are behind it. I mean, think about it. Cain was riding high and before all this came out, he could well have captured the nomination. Which would have been a disaster for the GOP. One assumes these women are most probably Republicans themselves. So what if some GOP operative convinced them to come forward in order to derail Herman, for the good of the party, and ostensibly for the very future of our great country? Can't think of any other reason they would do it myself.

Update: Still catching up on my reading, my guy, the inimitable Charles P. Pierce explains to Cain why it's really time to give it up.

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