Monday, December 19, 2011

The Bain of Romney's existence

The super-rich are different from you and me. When they leave a job, they get platinum parachutes. Like, for instance, Willard. Though he left his vulture capitalist corporation some 13 years ago, thanks to a sweetheart exit agreement, Romney is still raking in millions from Bain Capital today. And though nobody is disclosing the details, it's a good bet Willard is paying the capital gains tax rate on that dough, not an ordinary income tax levy like us working class schmucks.

Those would be the special tax breaks Romney is willing to protect to the death while he exercises his plan to slash and burn social safety net programs under the aegis of "fiscal responsibility." The same sort of fiscal responsibility that sent KayBee Toys into bankruptcy after Bain collected their millions in fees for running it into the ground. All those thousands who lost their jobs there and other Bain "managed" companies just need to work a little harder. Sacrifice just a little more to keep those profits rolling in to the "producers" who sent them to the unemployment line.

I mean, Mitt needs that money. "He's running for office, for Pete's sake!"

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