Tuesday, January 04, 2011

White House Staff Shakeup

Rumor has it William Daley of the famed Chicago family, may be Obama's new Chief of Staff. Emphasis on rumor and maybe.

Funny I'm so old I remember when bloggers would bitch about the media accepting so much "news" on background without named sources. Fond memories of the blogstorm when Cheney did it on a press trip to Afghanistan. He was even outed by a journalist on the plane.

Today, it's SOP for the media. They don't even try to disguise the rumor mongering anymore. But now, blogger don't complain. Hell, half the internets immediately gets all shook up and instantly reacts to every rumor as if it's real news, no matter how many times these hit whoring stories turn out to be mere speculation, or even untrue.

I miss the old skepticism.

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