Friday, October 02, 2009

Picture of the Day

A rare look inside Air Force One.

Obama meets with Gen. McChrystal on the way home from Cophenhagen. Meanwhile, breaking news is Chicago lost the bid for the Olympics. The wingnuts will be insufferable today, cheering because USA lost a contest. Guess they're putting away their foam "We're #1" fingers until Obama leaves office. [WH photo by Pete Souza]

Update: So congratulations to Rio for getting the Olympics. I'm hearing it's their first time. Assume that means for Brazil and not just the city. I think it's a good choice on the IOC's part. Least politically charged selection out of any of the contenders.

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Anonymous Skepticat said...

I believe it's the first for not only Rio and Brazil, but also for South America. Cool.

9:48:00 PM  
Blogger Mycos said...

As a Vancouver, BC native who's seen the '86 and now the 2010 games come to town, I've started to see a pattern to the speed and urgency with which government is able to evict and generally bulldoze their way through areas of town that have seen better days yet are home to too many people for the normal political process to alow them to do what they wind up doing under cover of "Olympic hospitality".
Now that I see it going to Rio, I no longer have any doubt that this is one of the "dirty little secret-weapons" developers and government use to get their way while raising as little opposition to local governmenmts heavy-handed tactics as possible. Keep an eye on Rio's (world-famous) slums for some shocking - yet to happen - news. newswritten.

12:49:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Skepticat, I did see that later. First time in SA at all. Read that factored into IOC decision heavily.

Hey Mycos. Think you're right about it being a back door to gentrifying marginal neighborhoods and dislocating poor people. They're celebrating in Rio now, but by the end, I wonder who will be left cheering.

9:05:00 AM  

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